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Also... Has anyone read CJ Cherryh's Cyteen and it's sequel written twenty years later Regenesis? And might you be interested in discussing it?

My phone has been reading me Cyteen* and it is confirming my impression that Denys' portrayal there is really not consistant with how he's described in Regenesis. In some ways that kind of bother me. (His brilliant but obsessively retiring and softspoken bit makes for such a wonderfully ambiguous character in Cyteen. And then in Regenesis he's retrospectively described as... not all that. And Jordan's not all that. And I'd shrug this off if I didn't love the first so much. Regenesis isn't a bad book, if, in comparison to the first, not much happens. But... bah.

(And this is the character critque. I have a much more developed science critique, though with the exception of one thematic complaint** it's more a matter of questions I'd like to see addressed than things that struck me as just wrong.)

* For the umpteenth bazillion time. It's a favorite book of long standing, and I re-read it every year or two.
** The idea that rejuv treatments are derived from Cyteen's native fauna just struck me as awfully stale, and not well grafted onto the original.


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