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This is probably the smallest chicks of whom we've gotten good pictures. It's about 26 C out, so I guess the parents weren't worried about them getting too cold. (And this parent at least didn't seem overly worried about us.)

Photo credit to Kendrick. (In part because I forgot to reattach the button for the camera on my phone. Oops.)
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I haven't been doing the daily photo of the new brood, but these two were too cute to resist.
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This time they're squabbling.

Yeah, give me a little encouragement, and it's more chicks.

Though really, they are often not very visible - though they're having more and more trouble fitting under the parents, so mostly what you see if what appears to be an enormously fat dove with fluffed out belly feathers - and the stray foot, beak and wing wiggling about the edges.
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Okay, there are definitely two chicks:

Yeah, I'll try to stop spamming you with chickcam. This is just right over my desk, and hey, there's my phonecam...


May. 12th, 2010 09:51 am
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This was actually kind of hard to get, as when I jumped up with the camera during the morning changing of the guard, the parents were clearly worried that I wanted to eat them.
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I am done with Computational Neuroscience.

And invited to come back and TA it again in a couple of years, assuming I'm still here. (I'm guessing yes. To both. And next time it's all python all the time - or at least all the time when we're using neuron.)

And our doves are at it again. I hope it goes better this time, but...
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