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1. Okay, so it was flaky for me to leave putting my studden tires on until this morning. But to have the only tube in that size - and a new tube, and so far unpatched, to really, I wasn't totally insane to think I was good to go - split along the inside seam? Bah.

Not to mention that the cold weather side of putting the tires on is always kind of annoying, as it's either work in cold weather, or haul it into the house. This was all done in the kitchen, which is actually pretty great but only works when no one else is around. (I only just managed to finish up before K got back.) Hauling the 'bent in and out of the basement either involves really annoying indoor access, or really annoying outdoor access.

Anyhow, so there I was, with an unrideable bike, and the bike store not opening until 11. Which is to say that I didn't go to the farmers market. (OTOH, I did pick up my special order of 25 lbs of dry organic soy beans, which has got to count for something.)

2. Socks!

Okay, so it's serious sock season. When I was last in Seattle I randomly picked up some Darn Tough Vermont hiking socks, because I'd hiked too much in not fully broken in boots with inadequate socks, and got some fairly awful blisters. The new socks impressed me to no end - I mean, seriously, I got all the good blister sticky pads and suck, but I hardly needed them. They're really dense, and fine textured, and my feet adore them.

So, I got a couple more pairs of them... and then realized that I'd totally missed that these socks had a lifetime replacement guarantee. Like, seriously, who does that? I can put a hole in a pair of smartwool socks with casual use* in a single season. So, of course, I am now on a quest to wear holes in my durn tough socks. This might be thwarted by the fact that they have a lot of socks that I like. I mean, they have socks with bees. Bees. And spirals, and vines, and just plain well made hiking socks in cool colors.

* By casual use I mean "not heavy hiking" and not doing anything extraordinarily mean to them. I mean, I still wear them, and my feet do a lot.


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